Ananya Nanda

Nanda is a highly regarded authority on Digital Transformation with Enterprise Resource Planning as the key enabler. Nanda gains his acumen from more than 17 years experience of working at the frontier of business transformation, during which time he has helped multitude of global organizations across multiple industries (largely in Consumer and Industrial products).

He has been in senior leadership positions and currently leads the SAP Supply Chain for the Asia Pacific Region in Ernst and Young.

He is driving the new wave ERP renovation in the context of digital transformation for clients transitioning into the agile age of Cloud, Analytics and Mobile. Through his work speaking, writing and consulting on digital strategy, transformation and innovation, he helps business leaders build thriving, future-ready companies.

As part of his role his main focus is Supply Chain & Operations Modelling for automated, integrated, optimized processes and connected systems.

Industry 4.0 & Supply Chain 4.0: The increasing impact of supply chains on business profitability and Digital as a pivotal force in business transformation.

Companies face strategic challenges in their growth path whether its process streamlining or formulating future goals. Threat of disruption and failure are making deployment of digital technologies an imperative for the smooth functioning of business and to drive business performance improvement goals. New supply chain technology can power up existing operations, streamline inventory, and increase revenue-if implemented correctly. How is Indonesia Inc moving in this direction and what is the untapped potential for technology providers to partner this growth