Speaker of Supply Chain Indonesia

17-18 June, 2020

Jakarta, Indonesia
Lukas Mardhi

Lukas Mardhi

Director, YCH Group

With over 15 years of work experience, Lukas Mardhi has managed a 3rd party logistic that have presence in more than 16 cities across Indonesia with >800 team members. He is skilled in supply chain management that cut across multiple industry such as e-commerce, chemical, white goods, spare parts management and FMCG.

Growing his professional careers from the Head of Production of Orang Tua Group, one of the leading FMCG company in Indonesia, to the production of food and ingredients manufacture at CerealTech Pte Ltd, his contributions covers multiple operations whether factory or supply chain at its Singapore operations. Prior of his YCH time, he also leads the logistic team for Indonesia’s widest range of equipment and machinery (B2B) retail company after implementing a revolutionized supply chain model within the group, which is Kawan Lama Group (ACE Hardware Indonesia)

Started as the best manager of YCH Indonesia in 2009-2010 on the first 6months of employment, he made his other leap to YCH Group in July 2016, adapted himself to the beat and rhythm of the corporate core philosophy, transforming every loophole found on his way to building confidence of team work and solidity to an increased trust amongst its members. YCH Indonesia once again is making its presence in the Logistics and Warehousing industry, aspiring to deal on more businesses and yet demonstrating the genuine care and interest in the welfare of its clients and staff. This would be part of Mr. Mardhi’s proven ability in managing and leading the team members to challange supply chain & logistics competitors with Reliability, Integrity, Sincerity, and Enterprise.