Speaker of Supply Chain Indonesia

17-18 June, 2020

Jakarta, Indonesia
MN Ikrar

MN Ikrar

General Manager, PT. Agro Bogautama

Started in transportation and logistics in 1998, joined with the company who had complete packages in supply chain, from warehouse up to airlines business. finished the Management Trainee program, and lead the sales team as Sales Spv. In 2005, I was hired by the biggest express company in the world, managing global accounts, such as life sciences, financial services, and continued to lead Import sales team to Indonesia.

Equipped by more than 50 local and overseas training in the express world. Reached 2010, I got opportunity to lead the national sales team in the international forwarder . In this role, am responsible for national sales team to deliver number of gross profit and shipment. Beginning of 2015, I moved to the largest and experienced 160 years shipping company. My role to focus leading the inbound sales team. This liner serves Transpacific, Intraasia and Europe. In July 2016, joined to one of the biggest local distribution as Head of Sales.

The GM position is to lead Indonesia sales team to sell integrator Express Service. In the new role ,I ensure sales to provide total logistics from express services, warehouses, distribution and properties. The VP role to integrate all 9 business line to launch in the market as One Stop Logistics. Now in 2019, I join the largest frozen food, meat, lamb, seafood and chicken. We distribute 150,000 ton per month. The ambition to grow more end delivery and whop nearby stores become my next challenges